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Full Chemical Name: Methiopropamine
Systematic IUPAC Name: 1-(thiophen-2-yl)-2-methylaminopropane
CAS Number: 801156-47-8
ChemSpider Number: 385727
Molecular Formula: C8H13NS
Molecular Mass: 155.261g/mol

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What is MPA?

Methiopropamine or MPA is a research chemicals analogue of Methamphetamine. MPA is a thiophene ring-based structural analog of Methamphetamine. Across the UK and Europe, there is huge demand for this sought after chemical.

What is MPA used for?

Being a thiophene ring-based structural analog of Methamphetamine it is plausible to assume that Methiopropamine would have a similar chemical profile to Methamphetamine. Methamphetamine acts as a reverse of the dopamine, seretonin and norepinephrine transporters. By reversing the flow of these transporters, there is a huge influx of monoamines within the synapse.

Methiopropamine may have similar effects upon transporter proteins, in vitro (outside living organism). Researchers should analyze the affinity that Methiopropamine has upon dopamine, seretonin, and norepinephrine transporter proteins. This could be done by applying Methiopropamine to a membrane infused with transporter proteins, in vitro.

GC/MS, NMR, FTIR and HPLC analysis may also be performed on Methiopropamine to be used as a reference for this chemical, and for use by other professionals. Chemists may use Methiopropamine as a primary reagent.

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All orders of Methiopropamine are strictly not for human consumption and must only be used for legitimate research chemical purposes by customers over the age of 18.

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